Depression Came to Visit

Depression came to visit this weekend. He received a spiritual cyber notification that the stage was  set for His visit. You noticed I said “he.”  🙂
The setting:

  • Husband lied on and to
  • Lie believed by persons who were trusted and thought would know better.
  • Lie was never checked out to confirm veracity
  • Integrity questioned
  • Information withheld by those who could have informed us.
  • Trust betrayed
Very angry and hurt.

So Depression knocked on my door and stared at me through the screen. I recognized him and at that moment I had to make a decision. Was I going to let him in or slam the door in his face. I felt him seeping in through the screen as I delayed my decision. It became more difficult to resist. My head knew the promises of God but my hurt clouded my judgement. Sunday morning one of my sister’s reminded me of who I am. Several others emotionally held me as I fought to slam the door.

Door closed.

My point. When you recognize the onset of a depressive situation, don’t delay the decision to slam the door. Each moment delayed, depression gains a foothold. So how do I slam the door? Redirect your thoughts to pleasant things. Do something that you enjoy and makes you feel good. Determine in your mind ahead of time to stop the thoughts that provoke bad feelings. Determine that Depression will not win. It is a battle and you must be ready to fight.
Your mental health requires your vigilance. We all have circumstances beyond our control that send out the notification but we an decide if we will open the door. It is not always easy to keep that door shut. On those occasions slide that piece of furniture called “prayer” and “faith in God’s promises” and the one called “Family and Friends” across the door until you are stronger.
You Can Do This!

3 thoughts on “Depression Came to Visit

  1. Pat, I don't really know how blogs work. I read your posting and agree that you must not hesitate. You know who you are & who God made you to be. The Enemy is (too often) a loved or trusted one. I have been badly hurt also. I have prayed to Jesus and asked that he just hold me until I am calm. When I can think clearly I try to revisit what I perceived happened and pick it apart until I think I actually know what happened. I will take the stress test at some point. I believe we are all trying to handle too much and it's so very hard to stop the human thing and let God. Bits


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