I Just Want to SCREAM!

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I Just Want To SCREAM!

I know you have felt and said that at some point in your life. Sometimes I just want to take a bat and beat something. I think about taking it out on a pillow or the weeds in my back yard but something needs to be hit. Why? I have all this pent up anxiety or anger that a good scream or slug would help. Don’t worry I don’t hit people or animals. I don’t even hit inanimate objects. I just want to sometimes.
Again, I ask, “Why?” I think one word describes it,STRESS.
So before, I continue my search into the world of mental dis-ease, I think stress is worth a look.

Stress can be defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Simply said, “When you are under overwhelming pressure, you are stressed.”
It has been determined that stress either causes or has strong influence over many ailments of the body and mind. Stress has been associated with heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, sleep dysfunction, depression, and eating disorders.

What do I do? Assess your stress.
 How do I determine my stress level?There are many stress assessment test out there but I used Organized Wisdom’s Life Stress Test. This is my result.

Life Stress Test

Written by Emily Lapkin, Medically reviewed by Scott Pearlman M.D.

You’re highly likely to develop a stress-triggered illness due to everything that’s going on in your life. However, your coping skills and the efforts you make to reduce stress can minimize this risk. Talk to a mental health professional if you need treatment. Support groups and convenient online forums can be beneficial, too. Common stress-related illnesses to watch out for include: 

Of these I have back pain, arthritis in some joints, obesity, and I was recently diagnosed with ulcers. I have moments of anxiety attacks when I feel overwhelmed with things to do. I sometimes have difficulty sleeping. It is not insomnia yet or if so it is very mild. Since I am subject to the other illnesses because of the stress in my life, I had better come up with a stress reduction plan. You noticed Depression is in the list.

Take the test. Determine your stress level with the Life Stress Test. Assessment.
Don’t get stressed out over the assessment.
Now that you know whether you are subject to any illnesses due to stress, you can make healthier decisions for your life.
I will share my plan as soon as I complete it. In the mean time I will be sharing more information on mental dis-eases.


  1. I like…thanks for sharing, Pat! My niece is a massage therapist and she keeps telling people how important for people, especially African Americans to have a stress management protocol in place for a better quality of life.



    1. Thank you, Sister Wendy. Where is your niece located?



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