Stress Reduction Plan

It seems this is the season for challenges. We have the ice bucket challenge; the grateful challenge, face painting challenge, word challenge and I am sure there are others I don’t know about. I have a challenge. That is true on so many levels. ūüėÄ ¬†Seriously, my challenge to you is “Reducing our stress level.”

Did you take the Life Stress test? If you didn’t here is another opportunity.¬†Lifestresstest¬† Just click, answer the questions and discover if you are on a path to sickness because of stress.

I am using The Recipe to Mental Health published by Albertsons, Inc. in 2006 as a guideline. This book was created by their pharmacists in Sav-On and Oxco Drugs stores. In spite of its evolutionary, transcendental feel, their approach is based in American Medicine with a little Alternative medicine flavoring. I was quite surprised about the latter since they were pharmacists.

I have created my stress reduction plan. I promised to share it so hear it is with a little information on why I added these things to it.

  1. Learn to say “No.” I know I cannot do everything but sometimes all those yeses creep up on you and then you are overwhelmed.¬†
  2. Prioritize what’s left in order of importance. Do you remember those Franklin Planners and its system. Why did I ever stop doing that? I was organized then.
  3. Focus (think) on the good things. My good things of choice are found in Philippians 4 of the Bible. More on that later.
  4. Plan. Make plans for dealing with upcoming situations that might prove to be stressful. Having a plan eliminates some of the stress.
  5. Exercise. This could be stressful in itself. I know that it will reduce stress but I have such a hard time getting it done. I must plan to exercise an give it a high priority while I think of all the good things that will be accomplished. I will tell myself I am beating a pillow.
  6. Eat healthy. All ready doing that but have to cut out some things that I let creep back in.
  7. Do something I enjoy. I haven’t done any of my hobbies in a long time. I must put one of them on the list of things to do.
  8. Be nice to myself. Lighten up on myself. I am my biggest critic.

That is what I need to do but what does it look like in practical application. Get out the calendar and layout exercise, meal and activity plan. Prioritize and get started.  Look out stress. I am coming for you!


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