Transformation Stopper

  1. I want to be transformed. I want my body to look like it did 40 years ago and move like it did 40+ years ago. I want my mind to think like it did just 15 years ago. Who is with me on that? I want I want I want. 

  2. Do I really know what I am asking for? Transformation means a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. That sounds like a lot of work and it might take a long time. Are you still with me?  I have done the research. I have accepted that the change begins in my mind. I have even encouraged others on their road to success. I think  I know what I have to do. So why haven’t I been successful in the transformation I desire.
  3. What’s Stopping Me?

  4. This last two years at least, I have been consumed with solving problems, learning new things necessary to fulfill our ministry needs and fatigue. I began my transformation process with full force. I was determined. Then I ran smack dab into a wall of issues that interrupted my food preparation schedule. It became easier to eat out. I tried to choose places that had healthy or healthier choices. I still didn’t see any progress. Thanks to the Food Network, Gordan Ramsey and Robert Irvine, I discovered why. All those hidden calories from butter were my downfall or at least part of it. Basting my fish in butter to keep that moist, richness sabotaged me. I continued my juice extraction and my certified organic purchases at the market but my dinner meals were not always prepared by me. Restaurants reigned. I did not fall off the healthy food preparation wagon,, My wagon ran completely off the road. 
  5. While I laid over in my virtual ravine, several things happened. The @HealthyHeritageMovement invited our church to participate in a six week health workshop. Just before the workshop began I was diagnosed with two bleeding peptic ulcers and had to have two blood transfusions. Then I was invited to @GreaterLightCommunityChurch to present the affect our food choices have on our mental and physical health. I laid in my virtual ravine thinking God you have an interesting sense of humor. How am I going to talk to these people about this and I haven’t even been able to conquer this myself. I have faced my inner demons regarding my appearance I thought.  I had to finally admit that I am suffering from a severe case of procrastination. 
  6. I Am Stopping Me.

  7. Procrastination is stopping me. I am wearing my self out thinking about what I need to do instead of doing it. Ugh!!. I hate it when God bust me out like that. This time it wasn’t private. It was in a church congregation. My transformation is incomplete and it is my fault. 
  8. No More Excuses

  9. I am putting it out here so you, my friends, can hold me accountable. I hate to cook but that has to be part of my transformation. I can’t blame the schedule or the restaurants any longer. I must cook to be transformed completely. This cooking thing is not only aiding in transforming my body but my mind also. 
  10.                              I will now proclaim I love to cook until I truly love to cook.


3 thoughts on “Transformation Stopper

  1. Oh Pat I can so relate to this! Of course our stories have differences but the underlining issues are the same. I think, you and me, our plates are so full (pun intended) that there is no way we can complete each day the tasks that are before us. Each one is something that furthers the expansion of who we are and what is our legacy – the positive affect we have on other people that affects other people as well.

    I, too, am very aware of what I eat. But for me it is not the butter. I eat A LOT of butter. Seriously, I am very generous with butter. I weigh 116 lbs. With fats – it is the type of fat you eat that is the problem. What oils you use. I use coconut, walnut and olive oils. It is the carbs, especially wheat that is the biggest culprit that puts visceral fat around your organs, especially in the abdomen.


    1. Hi Sonniq

      I too have changed the oils that I use. I use primarily coconut, grapeseed, olive and sunflower oil. I have found making my own non-dairy butter and shortening easy and economical. I have used the butter in making mac and cheese and sweet potato pie (holiday meal). I was sold after that.
      I think it is time for another post about this to express progress or the lack thereof. LOLOL


      1. I make some of my own things too. Yoghurt. I could never eat store bought again, and ghee our clarified butter. That is wonderful to cook with. It doesn’t burn. Home made shortening? Need the recipe for that!


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