He Used Even Me

Often times we think you have to be somebody well-known, powerful or super wealthy to be chosen to do something great. It has been my experience and observation that God uses regular people that are available and obedient to Him. They are perceived as great after the fact.This is the story of Jael.
                                                                                                       See The Video of Rael’s Story


Israel was once gain disobedient to the LORD so He sold them into captivity into the hands of Jabin the king of Canaan. The commander of Jabin’s army was named Sisera. Israel cried out to God for deliverance and God’s response was to send Barak to fight Sisera. Barak received the news from Deborah, a prophetess and judge of Israel. Barak told her I’ll go if you go with me. Deborah agreed to go but not before informing Barak that because he did not believe God’s word, that He would be with him and give him victory over Sisera, he would be victorious but a woman would get the glory. Barak defeated Sisera’s army but Sisera got awayHe ran to the tent of Heber the Kenite, a descendent of Moses’ father-in-law. Heber had become a friend of King Jabin so Sisera thought he would be safe. What Sisera did not realize was Heber’s wife did not have the same allegiance. She was a friend of Israel. 

Sisera’s Mistake

Jael was a homemaker. Her only claim to fame was being the wife of Heber. On that fateful day, Sisera approached her tent. She told him that her husband was not home but he was welcome to come in. That was his first mistake. He should not have gone inside the tent of a married woman when her husband was absent. Second, he assumed she carried the sentiments of her husband after all she was just a woman. What did she know about these things? Jael gave him the hospitality befitting someone of his station. He felt so safe and comfortable that he went into a deep sleep. 

Jael’s Strike

While Sisera slept, Jael took a spike and drove it through his temple until it came out the other side of his head. In that moment Jael became the deliverer of Israel and she received the glory. Until that moment she was a nobody, but she was available to God, informed of the situation and used what she had to take care of business.

Are you available to God? Are you informed? Are you willing to use the abilities and gifts God has given you for His purpose? He used Jael and He wants to use even you. 


3 thoughts on “He Used Even Me

  1. Another outstanding post, Lady Pat! How often I feel inadequate because I am not well-known or famous. Sometimes I feel like that is who gets all the attention and followers – the rich and famous. But then God reminds like that my sufficiency is in Him. He can and will use me, not because I am famous but because I am yielded to Him. Thanks again for this reminder. Us young pastors need this! Love your thoughts – keep 'em coming!


  2. @Darren Martin Thank you my brother. I think we all struggle with that sometimes. I have struggled in past with being the eternal bridesmaid and never the bride. You wonder why he has given you gifts and not the opportunities to use them. But then he does. We just don't recognize the significance of what we do. We can be touched. We can be approached. We are free to love freely. You are a wonderful Pastor, friend and brother. To us and your congregation you are famous. Our wealth is in Him. We just have to trust and remember that people are watching Him work His wonders for and in us. Wow. I needed that.


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