Lessons from Gideon

Good morning friends and family.

Over the last three weeks Pastor Carl has been teaching about the Judge Gideon. From these teachings, I have come away with several lessons.

  • The first is when God calls, you must make a decision to follow or turn your back on Him. In the face of opposition from his home, his family, his town, he chose to follow God. How could this be in opposition to his family. Weren’t they all Israelites? Didn’t they have the same God? The answers Yes and No. Just because you grew up in the same household doesn’t mean your beliefs and relationships with God are the same. Gideon angered his people because he tore down the altars of Baal. This is who Israel had chosen to worship. 
  • The second lesson is God does not need a lot of people to do what He wants. One man or woman can make a difference. Additionally, there may only be a small group willing to help that one woman or man. don’t get caught up in the numbers. A few can move mountains if they are committed and moving in the same direction.
  • The third; Follow God’s instructions exactly and then lead your people. Help them understand that they must follow the instructions exactly to acquire success.
  • Next, accept that it will not necessarily be easy but you will be successful. You and your people will receive the promise God made you.

The final lesson is one that I hope no leader will experience. The end of the Gideon account states when Gideon died, the people went back to doing everything that they found right in their own minds. We would all like to believe our lives had such an affect on the people we encountered that the change would be permanent. I wish that were so. I believe only a fragment of those you served will continue in what they learned while under your leadership. I mean really, can you expect more. Only a fragment of those that begin to follow God continue. We should be grateful that some continue and are faithful in serving God with us.

Don’t be weary in well doing. Keep doing exactly what God tells you even when it looks like you are alone or have a small core group that are committed. My Pastor friends this is especially for you.
Walk tall and confident in your calling and your instructions. Don’t focus on the people following you. Focus on the One you are following. He will provide the right people.

2 thoughts on “Lessons from Gideon

  1. Your post was so very timely for me regarding following the Lord even when it seems that you may be alone on that journey. I believe that God knows what my intentions are even when I fall short.
    His unconditional love for each of us is there to be tapped into on an infinite scale. It is our haste that (for me) sometimes causes me not to pause and take full advantage of this.
    I am a very wounded woman but have learned, for the most part, that so are we all. I have returned slowly to the things that I have always known in spite of the world trying it's best to make me forget who I was really meant to be.
    As far as me leaving any lasting mark that I have been here and lived a certain way, I do not believe I will have made any enormous impact. All the small kindnesses, however, may be remembered.
    Thank you for a wonderful topic to reflect on.


  2. I doubt that your family share your sentiments of not leaving an impact. Many of us have enjoyed the beauty of your gardens via FB pictures. I can only imagine what those who actually get to walk through them feel. I am sure you have made a difference.


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