Feeling Uninspired To Write

It’s Monday morning in sunny, hot Southern California. I had a beautiful but busy weekend. I know in the world of blog I need to post if I want you guys to stay connected. But today, at this very moment, I feel so uninspired to write. I only feel like sleeping.

Beginning the day a little tired just makes all that is vying for my attention more overwhelming,

        I wanted to clean up my outlook file.
                It seems to have grown more than usual over the weekend.
        I wanted to shred paper. I think the paper had babies when I wasn’t looking.
        I wanted to do some housework. Not all that is needed but just some of it.
               My plan is to do a little each day until I’m satisfied.
               You don’t understand, my level of satisfaction may never come.
               My grandmother set “white glove” standards and I have been infected.
        I want to sew. That’s my fun time.
        I have to work. See why I am uninspired.

It’s Monday and that is just way too many decisions to make. I think I will run some errands. Get away from all these wants and needs. Who knows maybe inspiration will be found in the sunlight. After all it is a beautiful Southern California Day.


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