Stress Reduction Check In

I began a stress reduction plan last month. I thought it might be good for accountability’s sake to give an update on my progress.

I am eliminating others peoples drama from my life. Being a pastor’s wife puts me in a position to face or be exposed to “other people’s drama.” I cab’t eliminate nor do I want to eliminate the people, but I can eliminate my acceptance of the associated stress. What I am trying to say is, I can listen, empathize, problem-solve and love you without allowing your issue to stress me out. I had a recent situation that actually hurt me and made me angry. After stepping back and looking at things objectively, I realized it was not my issue. I didn’t have to hurt and I didn’t have to be angry, so I stopped both. Stress reduced!

I have had a few days that I did something I enjoyed that was not about church or the Outreach Center. I need more of those but I have started. Stress reducing!

I have begun exercising. I am still not as consistent as I need to be or would like. Still working on that. Stress Reducing!

Some of you commented or sent me messages stating you were going to create and begin your own stress reduction plan. How are you doing?

Let’s keep it up so we can be healthier, mentally and physically.


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