Sistah Strength

It was a powerful and beautiful thing to see black woman of different ages and backgrounds working together for a common cause. We dispelled the lie that we are a bunch of angry woman who always want to fight. We dispelled the lie that we are ignorant and hoochie only. We dispelled the lie that no man can work with us and be supported for his strength.
Now this is not news to most of us. We know our strength is not angry. Our assertiveness is not angry. It is knowledge, wisdom and respect. For my sisters out there that have accepted the lie, give it back. You are better than that.

On Saturday, October 11th a group of black women executed the plan that a subset of those women created in order to present to the community a women’s symposium on depression. We worked as a team, a well-oiled machine. Additionally, our host an Hispanic Pastor and one of his female (Latina) members worked with us. She became part of the female team. Pastor Ruben was our spiritual leader that day but he rolled up his sleeves and served us. There was mutual respect shown both ways. The other men who were presenters or vendors worked with us. They  were PhD’s, Pastors and professionals. They all could have demanded respect because of their positions but they supported us, instead. They did not demand homage to be paid to them. They wanted us to be successful and helped us get there. This is how it is suppose to work; together making possible everyone’s success.

Today, I worked with some different sisters at church. This was a mixed ethnic group and once again the “sistahs” worked like a machine. A well-oiled machine. To those who want to continue to portray us as angry, sex-crazed, classless, ugly, bossy, people, let me set you straight.

  • We are loving, protective, assertive, strong, sexy but not sex-crazed, beautiful, classy, women.
  • When we commit, you can count on us. 
  • We are the people who have your back.

So when we seem bossy and angry, step back and ask why. It is probably because we are trying to protect YOU; help YOU. We are working for the best for YOU.

We love YOU.

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