My Wagon Ran Off The Road

You know how people say they “fell off the wagon” when they return to an old habit that they had walked away from? Well, I didn’t fall off the wagon. My wagon ran off the road, down the hill and flipped over, pinning me down in the ravine. I allowed other people to derail me. Yes, that’s right. I allowed. I can’t blame anyone else. The funny thing is I continued to study about good health through good nutrition as I rolled down the hill.

So what is your point. My point is that even the knowledgeable, and I have a lot left to learn, can succumb to their weaknesses. I asked myself the question “How can I help anyone else when I can’t help myself.” The only thing I can see coming from this is an understanding of others’ struggles. If this helps me have more compassion for them then it is worth it. It takes a former alcoholic to best help an alcoholic, so I guess I am going to be that foodaholic to help other food drunks.

My victory will come but it won’t come without a strong, hard fight.

Once again I am beginning. Detox begins today. Getting the sugar out of my system. I cannot eat from the king’s table. I have to remain vigilante minute by minute. I am listening to Fred Hammond’s We are More than Able
“Remember your every lion’s den and your last Red Sea.” 
I am more than able.With the Lord on my side I can do it.
 I have to keep repeating that as I Praise Him through the Night. It is so on time.

I allowed former insecurities triggered by other peoples’ accusations and the hurt they caused to become boulders on my road. I am getting a brand new wagon and getting back on the road. I have cleared these boulders and I plan to pay attention to avoid future obstacles.
My Victory is Eminent!

4 thoughts on “My Wagon Ran Off The Road

  1. I have begun this process so many times, so I really feel like a failure. Now I am on a larger platform with many more people watching. I will be as transparent as possible. So I will start now. My first obstacle since submitting this blog post has been sleep. I suddenly require more sleep. It is as if I have been drugged. This morning I had to fight to stay awake. Hence, I didn't have time to make my juice. Normally, that would mean a muffin and coffee on the run. Instead, I got a plum, a banana and a cup of coffee and ran. No muffin from the king's table. For those of you who are unaware the “King's table” reference is to the Book of Daniel in the Bible where Daniel and his friends refused to eat the food from the king's table and were healthier and more alert after 21 days than those who ate from his table.


  2. I can relate the wagon, I'm currently working on a broken wheel, but my wife says I'm just procrastinating, she says its not the wagon the guy driving… You know she right….opps…did I say that? Oh well, yes we need to get our strength through Christ our lord but how often do we forget….
    Love you Pat!


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