Comment Mystery Solved

Hey Friends,

Some of you have said you wanted to comment but it was confusing or difficult. I went to the blog as a guest and tried to comment. Here is what I discovered had to be done to be successful.

If there have been no comments click on “No Comments” and a drop box will appear.

In the box that says “Comment As” click on the arrow and your choices will appear.

You may choose:

Google Account – You will have to sign in to your account
                                              This is true for the other accounts listed
                                   Name/URL- Type your name. 
                                        If you have a website, etc type the URL, if not leave it blank.
                                   Anonymous – you don’t want to be known
If you chose Name or Anonymous, when you publish it will ask you to prove you are not a robot by typing in the numbers or letters shown.
It will then publish your comments.
I hope this helps. I really would like to read your comments.

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