In the Midst of the Storm

I awaken yesterday morning from a very interesting dream. I was driving down from the mountains in my VW Bug. It was forecasted to snow that evening and I wanted to get home before it did. I left early enough according to the forecast but the snow came earlier and stronger than they predicted. Visibility diminished quickly. I tried to continue but I couldn’t see. Suddenly, I heard a voice say “Stop.” I thought, “In the middle of the road?Some other driver may hit me. ” Then I heard the voice say louder, “Stop!” So I stopped. I want you to know, there was no one human in the car with me or outside the car. After I came to a complete stop, the voice said,

“Leave your engine running, turn off your lights and turn your heat down to a comfortable but low temperature.”

I was bewildered, and somewhat anxious but I obeyed the voice. Then the voice said,

” Get out and pour salt around your tires and a few feet in front and behind the car and along side  your door.

I obeyed. By this time I had decided this must be God because there was no other explanation. I sat in my car and covered up in my blanket. Yeah, where did a blanket come from? I, peacefully, fell asleep. I slept the rest of the night and was awaken by the noise of the snow plows that were clearing the highway. There was a tapping on my window. It was one of the drivers who said, he was able to distinguish the shape of the car because the snow did not completely cover me. What was he talking about. I got out and saw that my car should have been completely covered to look like the snow  bank. It was the salt. Around my car, the snow melted immediately, and did not form one mound. Then I woke up.

This was very bizarre. My first thought.

First of all why would I have salt in the car? Another thing, I don’t own a VW Bug. The other odd thing is there were chains on the tires. I don’t live in the snow.  Why would I have these things?

I lay in my bed thinking about it. This was a very vivid, detailed dream and that usually means God is trying to tell me something. But, What? Is an early storm coming? Am I in the midst of the storm now? Is it someone else’s storm since I don’t own those things? Don’t know.

I concluded, that regardless, I was instructed how to handle the storm. I was protected during the storm,  I was delivered from the storm and I was not alone. My All Sufficient, Self-Existing, Omnipresent God was with me.

I had peace in the midst of the storm.

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