Blogger versus WordPress

I decided to create this blog in WordPress to compare to Blogger. I found some limitations in Blogger that I couldn’t get around. Now I am learning WordPress’ free blog template. So far I am not sure how this new featured image thing is going to work . I may have to change the template. I removed it. Pretty easy.

Most of the features are very similar. I think the most important thing for me is WordPress seems to make it easier to add polls and contact forms to the post.  I also wanted to add text to the sidebar that was not a widget.

I have just discovered a problem with the Gravatar. It will let you crop the picture but it won’t let you rotate it. Make sure it is small enough before you upload it. It says it will make what I choose the picture across my google platform but it won’t let me use the picture I already have with google or google+. Something is wrong with that. Are you listening WordPress or WordPress users.

For those of you who think you are seeing things, I also have a blog called Pat’s Thoughts Out Loud. I will continue to post there until I determine which one to keep.




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