Letter To My Dream Reader

Letter To My Dream Reader]

A Letter To My Dream Reader

It is a joy to explore the world through your eyes. Everything is seen with wonder and excitement. Hearing the question “What’s that” in that little voice makes me smile. I felt the same with your mother and uncle has they began their exploration of the world around them.

Every twinkle in your eye, every little side-eye smile signals the brain-circuitry is firing on all cylinders.

My dream for you is that you never lose that curiosity, that desire to learn and experience  new things. You have no fear. Move through your life with confidence and wisdom. Rely on your parents’ teaching and guidance. There may be times in your life that you disagree with them but don’t every discount their wisdom. Remember, they have been where you have yet to go.

Remember, Grandma loves you.      Heart



This was my original post. I tried to post it as my new-thing to me and let you read my letter as a PowerPoint presentation. It did not work quite like I wanted. I guess I have to go through the Slideshare route.


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