Some Kind of Journey -limerick, alliteration

The Head Cold Trip

Snifflin’, sneezin’ away the day

Coughin’ and tearin’ that’s the way

My head cold is rulin’

Stop it.

Stop it I say.

You can’t ruin my night like you have ruined my day.


Here are other thoughts. Curious what you think it means.

The Journey, Maybe

Why do the pretty people in the park

Paint poison pictures reflecting my pain?

Do they know?

Speeding down the expressway of sorrow

Seeing sights of sparkling shadows

How fallacious is it all?




6 thoughts on “Some Kind of Journey -limerick, alliteration

  1. The Head Cold Trip – would be a metaphor of any adverse situation because it’s a HEAD TRIP signaling it is a thought or attitude in the mind. The subject is utilizing the power of suggestion to control his/her life. (End)

    The Journey, Maybe – seems to me it is a person expressing their low self esteem. They see beauty in the face of other, which that are slightly inferior in comparison. The person wonder why they don’t know beauty is just a fallacy. (End)

    However, ten more people may read it ten more different ways. Therefore, don’t be influenced or effected by anyones opinion other than your own. I like both poems.


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