Questionable Fruit Trees

We say what we are feeling. I hear you saying, “No, I don’t say what I am feeling because that would stir up a whole lot of trouble.” I beg to disagree. Your mouth may not say it but your face, your eyes, the twist of your mouth, and even the way you sit or stand says so much more. Have you ever listened to someone say all the right words but you didn’t believe anything they said. Sometimes it is because of your attitude but most times it is because you got the message that their body was sending.

While Yshua (Jesus) was teaching about our words condemning or justifying us, he made this statement.

“Either make the tree good, and the fruit good; or make the tree bad, and its fruit bad; the tree will be know by its fruit”

Usually we focus on the fruit but today the tree sat up and screamed, I am what’s important. If the tree is unhealthy, anything it produces is not profitable to anyone. You and I are the trees. If our insides are sick, filled with mean, unforgiving thoughts; if the growth and depth of our roots have been hindered by grudges and anger then no matter how nice we try to say it, the fruit we produce will be lacking in nourishment for ourselves or anyone around us. The messages we send verbally or bodily are the fruit our trees produce. A bad tree can produce something that looks like good fruit but when you bite into it you realize it is not good. That is much like the right sounding words we say but underneath them or embedded in them is all the rottenness housed inside us.

Let us let go of the anger, grudges, meanness, unforgiving evil thoughts.

Let the plant food of the Spirit and Word of God not be hindered in reaching the roots of our mind.

Let the leaves of your tree be green and full of life.

Let the shade your tree provides signal rest, refreshing, and peace.

Let the fruit from your tree bring nourishment: encouragement, compassion, truth, fairness and real love.

Let it be known that you are a good tree with good fruit.

Just in case you think I am excluding myself from these admonitions, know that they hit me first. I had to face myself in the mirror of these words.


2 thoughts on “Questionable Fruit Trees

  1. Pat, I believe that you were spot on with your observation of how people speak. Everyone is becoming so aware of what is PC to say that they are not just lying to others but to themselves as well.
    Body language speaks volumes and I too have had to face myself in the mirror of truth and God’s light to see if I do, in fact, reflect what I mean to reflect. I am happy to say that I do. I mean what I say and it gets turned around when people try to interpret and guess what we (all) really mean. Then it’s a mess. That’s when your tree’s branches start to break and what was good, honest, nourishing fruit becomes bruised and prone to spoil.
    We can not let what we say or do be “interpreted” by others.


    1. Well said. I have found that even when you say what you mean, others sometimes misinterpret because they can’t believe you would be that honest. I have accepted that I can only be responsible for the message I send. I have to be very careful because my face telegraphs how I feel or what my reactions are. I have to be sure it is the message I want sent. If I didn’t want it sent but it was the truth, I have to stand up and admit it. Usually it is a message I want sent. 🙂


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