I Lost Myself

I lost myself

Where did I go?

I lost myself.

So busy being strong

I LOST myself.

What did I do wrong?

I see me lurking

Out of the corner of my eyes.

My face so sad

Wanting to be vibrant again.

Wanting to be free to

Enjoy hobbies, ocean waves,

Beach walks, mountain hikes,

Or a day on the sewing machine.

I lost MY SELF.

I see me but

I seem so out of reach.

How do I discover me



5 thoughts on “I Lost Myself

  1. I understand. I’ve been having a really hard time with “family” . I’ve allowed myself to get so tangled up in to the point it can make you doubt yourself. How can they see me as a person I’m not. I am lost to them. And it’s not just one person and I realize now it’s been going on for years. Hateful gossip and twisted lies. Some people enjoy hearing negative things being said about people whether it’s true our not. Repeating it makes it true. http://watchandwhirl.com/2015/03/21/stop-believing-family-is-supposed-to-love-you-when-they-dont/stories. How can family now WANT to love you? They point their fingers at me yet don’t hear the ugliness in their words. Yesterday I wrote about my life with them and laid it on the line and then wrapped it up and took out the trash. Because I know who I am. I got lost and fought hard to make them see me but it only got worse. If you go to this post, which is pretty raw, I also put on it a piece of my piano improvisations as music is how I express myself. Only one of these people has ever heard me play or heard my recordings or saw a performance when I was younger.http://watchandwhirl.com/2015/03/21/stop-believing-family-is-supposed-to-love-you-when-they-dont/ The post I put after it, “Who the Heck is Sonni Quick” explains more of who I am andhas a link to a post on my other blog and has a music link. A piece I call “Blind Folded Pain”


  2. I read most of the post but time did not permit me to read it all. One thought that came to me was how important it is for us to encourage children to tell or ask if they are not sure about a situation. We have to be sure we set the environment that they can. We know the long term affects. I will read the rest later.


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