It Would Be So Easy

It would be so easy to hate the shooter in the Charleston Church.

Nine dead for no obvious reason but hatred.

It would be so easy to hate the system and environment that bred that hatred.

It would  be so easy to travel back in time to slavery in the Carolinas and

Hate all slave owners, slave brokers and the good people who said nothing.

It would be so easy to blame his parents and

Hate them.

It would be so easy!

But rather I choose to do the HARD thing.

I choose to pray for the hearts and minds of the victims’ families

That they forgive the shooter in the midst of their grief.

I choose to pray for change in the shooter’s mind.

Living life abundantly, securely not fearfully for others.

I choose to forgive the system that bred this hatred.

I choose to understand that they are not living free

But bound in the prison of hatred and they don’t know it.

I choose the HARD thing.

Otherwise, I will become bound in the chains of hate;

My words will shoot the bullets of anger and hatred.

I will become him.

I choose the Hard thing.

27  “But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,
28  bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. 

Luke 6:27-28 (ESV) 


5 thoughts on “It Would Be So Easy

  1. As usual, Mama Pat your words are loaded with grace and seasoned with salt. The wisdom will be lost on those who choose the easy path. But for those who also choose the hard path, thanks for giving another voice to this issue. Keep writing!


    1. Thabk you for your encouragement. I hurt for those people and I realize it could have been any of us. It then hit me that if it were us how would I feel towards the shooter. Anger and hate was my answer. Those attitudes are not acceptable fir someone who is trying to live what Y’shua taught.


    2. I am pleased to read that the families have chosen forgiveness over hatred. He wanted to divide but unity is what he accomplished. I pray an abundance of comfort and strength for these families. I know many, even many Christians won’t understand their choice but God said His way will confound people and this kind of forgiveness surely will. They are awesome witnesses for all of us.


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