A Sickening Image

A couple of days ago on my way home I witnessed the aftermath of a hit and run. At first I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. The lower extremities of the injured party were smashed beyond recognition. I watched the struggle to survive.  I could almost feel the pain I saw on the face as the victim tried to drag itself out of the street. I wonder if the animal was asking, “Why aren’t my legs working?” I wanted to get out of my car and help but the traffic light changed. Suddenly cars were flying by and the tortured body was struck over and over again. It hurt me deep into my being. I remembered thinking how badly it must have hurt to know you could not avoid such a painful death. It was a rabbit. Something I have eaten before. I can’t eat it again. In that moment veganism became a real consideration.

As I remember it now it hurts and I wonder about the animals slaughtered to provide my food. Is this what it looks like in the slaughter houses? Will I continue to hurt when I go to the market? I ate fish tonight and did not give it a thought until I began writing this. Will my life long conditioning override the horror I witnessed? I don’t know. All I know is that was and is a sickening image to see in my mental photo album.


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