During The Five Months

I learned

  • What it really meant to walk by “faith and not by sight.” So often we spout those words so piously and we do not understand the depth that they take you or at least that was my experience. Often we have faith as long as we can think of a few options on our own just in case God takes too long. In these 5 months I had no options of my own. The doctors were not sure what was causing his tachycardia. Very few understood my hope of his healing mentally and physically. Most thought I was in denial and delusional. But I knew what God did that night and what it meant.
  • That others would NOT understand and you might very well have to walk this journey alone.
  • That blessings and support would come from the most unexpected places and unexpected ways.
  • To question everything the doctors do. Research procedures and medications. Insert myself into their rounds. Demand explanations. Know what the drugs are, what they do and the side effects. It is your right and responsibility.
  • The more specialized a doctor or department is the less likely they will communicate with other doctors unless you demand it.
  • To LISTEN very carefully.
  • To document what I heard. I must confess I learned to apply that later than I should have but do it.
  • More about Kaiser Permenente  system than I every thought I would need.
  • God’s timing is perfect but not mine.
  • How to be peaceful in a storm.
  • What is important in life. My God, my loved ones. The rest is fluff and fill to make our lives more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • To expectantly watch God work.
  • To learn

Many of these lessons I am still learning but this experience has changed me. I don’t know how God is going to use what we have gone through but I know it was not for us alone. Waiting expectantly.


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