The last 7 months have been a life changing experience. It has not only changed Carl and I, but you. Yes, you. Who are You?   “You” live in three groups.

Group 1

You who

  1.  Walked with us through this fire journey with us.
  2. Believed God in spite of what you saw.

Group 2

You who

  1. Prayed but lacked faith that they would be answered.
  2. Thought I had lost my mind and all sense of reasoning but stood with me anyway.

Group 3

You who

  1. Watched on the sidelines
  2. Thought Group 1 and 2 were crazy but hoped we were right.

How have you changed? I don’t know but you do.

I suspect whatever group you are in, your faith in God has increased.

I suspect you believe the impossible is more possible than you did before.

You are permanently changed!


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