The 7th Month and Then…..

October 28th marks the end of the 7th month of our health journey; the one that began with my husband’s cardiac arrest in our bathroom. Seven is the number of completion. The seventh day God rested.This month has not been restful but as I compare it to the first six, yes it has.

Many things have changed in these last 7 months.

  • Carl has lost about 100 lbs. He is no longer considered obese.
  • We are more committed to eating a cleaner, nutritious diet.
  • I have learned more about the Kaiser Permanente System than I ever hoped to know.
  • I have learned some medical protocols that we all need to know.
  • I have learned just how much power an insistent advocate has; especially one whose on God’s team.
  • A car accident resulted in a new, more functional vehicle.  Romans 8:28
  • We have learned who our real friends are.
  • We have learned the meaning of Malachi 3:
    • “Good measure, pressed down, shaken together shall men (women) give into your bosom.”
  • Most of all, we have learned many lessons about God’s faithfulness. 

As October 28th approaches, my thoughts go to the prayers for October 29th, the 8th month. Eight is the number of new beginnings. So what is my desire for the 8th month,

  • The good work that God has begun to continue.
    • I desire complete healing for my husband.
    • I desire God’s revelation of His plan for our new lives.
      • I know this experience was not just for us to learn. There must be a greater purpose.
    • I desire a financial opportunity enveloped in that plan.
  • I desire leisure time with my husband. A trip to Santa Barbara or Carmel would be lovely.
  • I desire NO doctor visits that are not routine checkups for either of us. No hospital stays.

The 8th month will provide an awesome Thanksgiving. We have so much for which to be thankful. I think I will begin now.

Thank You

To All who have supported us with your prayers, dinners, rides, and finances.

To All the doctors, nurses, and therapists who have helped us and taught me.

To Eagles Wings Christian Church family.

To our personal family.

To my God.

Who has sheltered us, protected us, and kept us.

Psalm 91


4 thoughts on “The 7th Month and Then…..

  1. God has been faithful. You have found that you cannot just have faith in God, you must be faithful to God. It’s a verb. You trusted Him to be in control. You were willing to live out His plan for you, no matter the outcome. You did the next right thing. Your journey continues. And you are right. I too am changed by your journey and your faithfulness to God’s plan. Prayers continue daily

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