Mary, I Didn’t Think

A lot of attention is paid to the Holy family this time of the year, Mary, Joseph and Y’shua. But today my thoughts about Mary were challenged. Dr. Charles Stanley asked his congregation if they had ever thought about what Mary gave up when she yielded to the Holy Spirit? If any of them were like me, they just assumed and took for granted her situation. I mean looking back through our holy, spiritual looking glass, she was highly favored and blessed among women. Right?

Did you ever think about her losing her reputation?

or the disappointed looks from her parents?

Did you consider the threat to her life? Joseph had the right to have her stoned to death for violating their betrothal vows.

Did you consider the gossip in the village; the whispers? She was an unwed mother or she had sex with Joseph before the wedding.

Even though every Hebrew virgin wanted to be chosen to be the mother of the Messiah, when it happened, no one believed her. Sounds like us.

Then I went to church and Pastor Mitchell laid before us the benefits to us of Mary having said, Yes!

We received the opportunity for forgiveness, unconditional love, eternal salvation and the biggy

Salvation from our destructive habits and destructive decisions.

Her saying, Yes, provided Me the opportunity to be saved from Myself.

I don’t believe I should pray to her but I have increased awareness of what she endured.  She is a very good example of extreme submission to God.

Thank you, Mary for your submission, obedience and endurance.



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