I AM Successful!

It has been good to reconnect with many of my high school classmates. One of the alums began a page called Dragons Forever and I have enjoyed reading about their lives. It brought back some good memories and some not so good.  I have been thinking about the declaration made by my high school classmates made about me.  You know how the class votes for the Most Talented, the Most Popular, etc. I was voted the Most Likely to Succeed.  I was never sure if they really thought that of me or there was nothing else. Nevertheless, it haunted me for the last 30 years. I don’t possess fame or wealth that you would expect from someone successful. I began a career but after my son’t birth I became a homemaker.I never thought that would be me. I planned a career life, with a family. I didn’t plan for my family to be my career. I devoted my time to homeschooling my kids, taking care of my husband and my home. I was also active in my church and community. I was concerned about black kids, the boys especially in the public school system.  (That is another blog post.)  As my kids needed me less the thoughts of “The Most Likely to Succeed” periodically popped up and in those moments I felt like a failure. I had not succeeded. I am not famous and I am not wealthy, not even well to do. We are living a servant’s life. It has been a very blessed choice but no fame or fortune.

Many of you know this has been a very trying year. I have faced death several times through my husband. I have had hours in the hospital and rehab rooms to reflect on my life. I discovered that I was very wealthy. I had sisters, birth and spiritual that supported me; that loved me.  I discovered friends that I didn’t know I had. Our spiritual children stepped up in ways unexpected. Their actions expressed real love for us. Most of all, those children I gave birth to and those I chose to mother, love me and sometimes they even like me.  My children are pursuing their dreams and taking care o their families. They love learning. They love helping the underdog. They love giving of themselves.  I believe my husband and I had a little to do with those attitudes. Finally, I have a husband who truly loves me as I am. So while I am not the success we dreamed of those years so long ago, I can say I am wealthy beyond measure.

I am successful.


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