Essential Oils Essential

Peripheral Neuropathy – Peppermint, lemongrass, cloves, wintergreen, Lavender

I put about 5 drops each in a bottle with olive or coconut oil and massage it into my husband’s legs. It doesn’t cure it but it greatly reduces the pain and other symptoms.

Memory – Rosemary, Sage, Peppermint, Christmas Spirit

I have seen positive responses to putting these oils in the atomizer and sleeping inhaling them. It is also relaxing.  I sometimes add a few lemon drops to clean the air.

Repel Ants and Roaches – Peppermint

This year I didn’t have any ants while my neighbors reported an attack. That is what we call it here in the desert when the summer heat kicks up to 100+. I was donated some clothes for our church giveaway. They must have had a few roaches because after they stayed in my garage too long. I didn’t have a roach problem until then. I sprayed peppermint infused water around the baseboards ad garage entrances, my pantry, behind the stove, refrig and dishwasher and I have only seen one in months. That one seemed to have come up the bathtub drain. My next plan to insure that they are gone for good is to put a few drops of peppermint int he carpet cleaner solution.

Can someone give me a solution to get rid of crickets using the oils?


I am using my oils for all sorts of purposes. I don’t buy lotion anymore. Toothpaste is an endangered species. Haven’t gotten the deodorant down but it is next.

If you are interested in trying essential oils, contact me.


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