11:59 PM-12:00 AM-12:01 AM

So these are the last few hours of the year 2015. Some people have been planning for this night for weeks. Some people have begun the “get ready for the celebration or the parties” at the hair salon, nail salon, spa and BevMo. Some are even partying while preparing for “the” party. Then there are those like me who plan to bring in this new year as quietly and relaxing as possible. Regardless of the group or groups we fall in we share something in common. We are greeting this change with heighten anticipation. But why?

What is the difference between December 31, 2015 11:59pm and  January 1, 2016 12:01am; That line in the sand, the prime meridian of years, the ball drop hour called 12:00am, or midnight? What power does this hour hold that causes us to celebrate? In fact why do we celebrate?

I have come to the conclusion that the answer to all of this is HOPE! Hope that we get a ” do over” for decisions and actions that were not so good in 2015. Hope that all the bad stuff that happened in 2015 is behind us and that this new year will bring new, good stuff. For those who had very little bad stuff, you hope for more and better good stuff.

11:59 pm –Hope anticipated

12:00am – Hope activated

12:01am- Hope actualized

Hope activated takes but a moment. In that moment all the dreams for a better life slowly begin to take shape. Hope actualized is a long process that takes about 12 months. This anticipation and process is why we celebrate. We are glad the last year is over so we can begin the actualization of one HOPED.

Welcome 2016!



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