Catching UP

So far behind.

My laboratory experiments stacking up.

Documents I need to read.

Clothes I need to wash, car too

Rooms I need to clean

Groceries to purchase

Meals to prepare

Research for Outreach Center

Making plans, making plans


When will I ever CATCH UP.

(You all should be laughing now because I know I just described your life, too!)

See, I forgot categories and such.


2 thoughts on “Catching UP

  1. You will catch up when you let God control your life. Every thing you do, bring to prayer first and ask direction. It’s all God’s plan anyway. You described my past life. LOL. Today I have contentment. I’m satisfied. God first.


    1. God is in control. That’s why I can find humor in this. Mentally and spiritually I am at peace. It does not eliminate the things I am responsible for. I call this last year the faith not sight doctoral program. It has left me stronger in many ways yet physically tired. I believe I successfully completed the program. I pray God agrees.


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