The Last Element

I just love Chipotle’s Sofritas bowl. When my husband was in rehab it was the nearest reasonably healthy choice to the facility. That is where our relationship began.I could eat it almost everyday but my budget won’t allow it.I decided try making my own. The beans, corn, rice, cheese and lettuce with salsa was easy. But how do I make sofritas? I knew they used tofu and I thought how they cooked it was what made it Sofritas.  While browsing through my Vitamix  cookbook I discovered a recipe for sofritas. It was a sauce. Who knew? I marinated the crumbled tofu in the sofritas sauce and then cooked it in a slightly oiled saucepan. It tasted good but did not have the expected texture. My only thought was, I didn’t blend it long enough. All of the veggies used were fresh so it lacked a specific taste I was looking for.  So my next attempt will use roasted peppers.I will also grill the sliced tofu. If that doesn’t work, I will try tempeh.

I will continue to experiment until I get the taste I am have in my taste memory.


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