Walk With Me Back To Basics

I have been listening to Christian teachers and pastors. I have been listening to those who have many questions about the belief system they grew up with. I have been listening to non-believers and all of this brought me to a realization. We have focused so much on prosperity that we have forgotten some basics. We have confused onlookers because our behavior shows little difference to that of Wall Street financiers or street thugs. It’s about the money or the bling. Before you get it twisted, I believe God wants to bless us financially but my problem is not with the wealth but our attitude and behavior.

I decided to go back to basics. I decided to study the gospel writers, Matthew, Mark and John who walked with Y’shua; who recorded from different perspectives His teachings. I mean who else can give us insight on what He taught better than Himself.

I began with searching for the answer of a few questions I had.

  1. Exactly how did He get the name Jesus? I knew it wasn’t His given name. He was Israeli after all.
  2. Why did Isaiah prophesy that He would be called Immanuel and then was named something else?
  3. What was His authority that I should listen to Him?

Now I know someone is going to be shocked by that last one. I have no doubt that He has authority but I want to reaffirm from the Word the basis for my belief. That is for you real holy people who don’t need to be introspective sometimes. I am not perfect so I have to check myself.

Over the coming months I will share my findings, especially Y’shua’s teachings for that is my true objective for this study. I know there is more than what we limit ourselves to in the knowledge of our God-designed power, authority and behavior. I invite you to

Walk With Me!


6 thoughts on “Walk With Me Back To Basics

  1. You’re not the only one.. I question religion too. I always question why Jesus was named Jesus, and why Jesus and other characters are depicted as white.. When they were middle eastern or black (Jesus,Solomon, and Moses)!


    1. The answer to the second part of your question is easy. The artists commissioned to paint or sculpt images of Jesus were European. There is more and your question will now be a blog post. Thank you for it. It makes me dig and sort out information. Stay tuned.

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  2. The first two questions you will figure out quickly. The third one will take some time, but when you figure that one out I want to hear about it. Love you and praying for you on this journey.


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