Who Would Have Thought

Who would have thought designing a website for yourself would be more difficult than doing it for someone else. This is not the first webpage presence that I have created. This is even more basic than the others. Am I really a difficult client? The concept was easy. The domain name was relatively easy, even though I had to modify it. The original choice was not available. I can’t even find a happy face. I am laughing.

Choosing a layout is proving a to be a challenge. I might fire myself. Just kidding. I have decided to walk completely through the WordPress process. When I am done I might be a WordPress expert because I am sure I have or will have discovered a substantial amount of “what NOT to do’s.” This new blog that I am creating will ultimately become MY website. Maybe that is why I am being such a difficult client. Big smiles and laughs. I am going to find those emoticons.

Laughing at myself. I needed that.


One thought on “Who Would Have Thought

  1. Think of it as God’s website. Let Him lead the design phase. Ask what He wants it to look like. Be sure to reach out to other people and get input. God works through other people. When you partner with God in the design, it will be perfect 🙂


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