Night Person Shifting

I have just read SimpleLivingOver50’s post “The Morning Person“.All my life I have been the night person. I did my best work after everyone else went to bed. I cleaned my house. Washed my clothes. Paid my bills and enjoyed precious moments of peace and quiet. The world was sleeping. I had my most creative moments around 2 A.M. It seemed the juices began to flow and I found solutions for problems, made the best and most efficient plans , did some creative writing, and sewing. Then something happened. Was it because I crossed that 50’s boundary?

Now I awaken, lately, about 4:30 A.M. All of the things I enjoyed at night have shifted to morning. I resisted at first but now I am accepting it and learning to enjoy it. Maybe my creative juices will begin to flow at 4:30 while it is still dark and the world is still sleeping and before the sunrise interruptions begin. Those interruptions, birds singing and such, are enjoyable but they are sometimes overshadowed by the awakening of mankind to a new day.

Am I becoming “The Morning Person?”


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