She stood on the street corner in her skimpy clothes, waiting. Waiting for that person to give her a moments attention. Waiting. Ah, yes. We knew who and what she was. Why did she choose this lifestyle? Why doesn’t she get a good job? Why is she selling herself? Girl, put on some clothes and get off the block.

He hangs around bars and gyms, waiting. Waiting for that person to notice him or accept his advances. Thoughts of “Am I buff enough?”, “Am I soft enough?”, “Am  I enough?” running through his head. The viewing public only sees a sleazy, annoying, lying creep. “Move on” expressed in their looks of contempt.

We make these judgments based on what we see. But, could we be wrong? I know there are those of “low, moral character.” But, sometimes, the reasons are not so clear.

Could these choices or behaviors be outward expressions of  the inner emotions of feeling unloved?

We have all done some pretty dumb things when we believed no one loved us. Some of us end up in situations because seeking that love made us vulnerable to those who took advantage of our need.  I know there are many reasons people turn to prostitution, drug addiction, etc. I believe the root of them all is feeling or being unloved.

Looking through the eyes of Y’shua, my thoughts should be of giving a kind word not contempt. Sometimes, a listening ear is all that is needed. If I choose a smile rather than a frown or look of condemnation, just maybe that person would feel a moment of value, a moment of love.

Remember when you felt Unloved.



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