Professionally Natural

Why can all other people groups be considered professional looking with whatever hairstyle they choose to wear. Why do we have to apply chemicals and heat to our natural texture to be accepted professionally. The message you are sending is no matter how educated or experienced you are, no matter how qualified you are if your hair doesn’t imitate white European texture to help me overlook your black skin you are not good enough. Of course those aren’t the words used. You speak in code, i.e., you don’t look professional. Well, I went through this over 40 years ago. Many have proven that their professionalism has nothing to do with their hair texture. It is a product of character and hard work. So just be honest. It’s not professionalism, it’s not white, it’s not straight. I remember the uproar about cornrows in the workplace. Then Bo Derrick sports them in the movie Ten and suddenly it was acceptable. She was a beautiful, white model and actress. I will leave that right there.

My real issue is with “educators” who demean black students during an already vulnerable stage in their lives. Their image of themselves is critical for developing a good mental attitude and that affects academic success.. Some choose to chemically or heat relax and that’s okay. What should be equally okay are those who choose to keep the texture with which they were born. Good grooming should be expected and that’s it. Additionally, hairstyles reflect creativity. Creativity requires thinking. Is that what you fear? Thinking black people, especially kids? Embrace them and their uniqueness. When students feel respected and accepted, behavior and production improve.

I invite you to read this Time Magazine article for more incite.

You may be denying yourself the experience of greatness shown by your students.



Waking up to the news that this weekend gas prices could rise to $5 a gallon was just another thing that made me wonder how great we will become. There are other things that make me question like the treatment of people of color, but this affects everyone. E-ve-ry-one. If this rise happens and continues through the summer we will experience

  1. Increased food costs
  2. Increased utility bills
  3. Increased clothing costs; Anything that has to be transported.
  4. Reduced vacation opportunities
  5. Reduced income in tourist dependent cities
  6. Reduced employment i.e. layoffs in those tourist dependent communities.
  7. Potentially an increase in hunger and homelessnes

Okay now I am getting depressed. Can someone please tell me how this direction is making us great? Our allies feel betrayed. Large consumer markets are in jeopardy like China. I have a lot of smart friends. Can you help me see it please?

A Big Mistake, Good Results

Three tasty uses from a big mistake.

How hard could it be? It’s just a form of soybeans. #Tofu. It’s all about tofu. I found a recipe on #Pinterest. It was simple. That was weeks ago. So on Saturday I went to the #99RanchMarket to get some hoisin sauce and I ran across a bag of dry soybeans. I thought now is the time for tofu. On Tuesday I cooked the soybeans in my #PowerPressureCooker. I pureed 1/2 the batch. After all this is an experiment. I added lemon juice from a whole lemon and a little white vinegar so it would kurd. A few bubbles formed but no curds.

What did I do wrong? I didn’t re-read the instructions!

I wasn’tsuppose to cook the soybeans first, so now what? What can I do with this slightly fermented soybean puree?

My Tasty Results

  1. #buttery spread. I blended some with a little salt and avocado. Delicious.
  2. #salad dressing? I added 1/2 avocado to 2 cups of puree, #Kirkland no-salt seasoning, 1/2 jalapeño, and smoked paprika to my Vitamix. Then I added water until I reached the desired consistency. Hubby loved it.
  3. #Oil-substitute in waffles. I will try it in other breads.

Those ideas worked so well I am anxious to use the rest of the bean puree in desserts and meat substitutes.

Follow me on this vegan journey.

Tofu next time.

Asian, Vegan, Oil-Free

Recently I had a craving for good Chinese Lo Mien. I found a restaurant that does not use MSG. I tried it. It seemed very oily to me. Disappointed. I decided to give them a second try after discussing the oil quantity with the restaurant. They explained how they prepared the lo me in and that much of what I thought was oil was a combination of a small amount of oil and Hoisin sauce.

I am now on a quest to adapt good Asian recipes to our dietary requirements. I am beginning with Thai and Chinese. The resulting dish must be vegan, gluten-free, and oil-free. I welcome all your authenic tried and true suggestions or recipes.

Finally Oil-free Waffles

The struggle continues to find substitutes for oil that works in my food. I finally succeeded with my waffles. I have tried pureed applesauce with no success. Tried a blend of pureed applesauce and avocado. That was better but not quite right. Saturday I decided to try just pureed avocado. Success! I added this to my vegan, gluten-free mixture and found success.

Gluten-free vegan oil-free waffles

Now I will try this with my cornbread. Southern upbringing requires good cornbread. Anyone out there with a good cornbread recipe? Biscuits? Not sure I’m ready for green biscuits.

All In The Head

It’s been a little over a year since we began this raw vegan/vegan lifestyle change. I have learned how to prepare meals which is a real accomplishment; I never liked to cook. I am still learning because my husband’s cardiologist wants as much gluten-free, oil-free, clean food as possible. This is no easy task. Eating out is hard and cooking requires learning how to make good food with these substitutes. The journey has begun again.

I discovered one other thing, your mind is still the main battlefield. Occasionally my mind still test me when I am tired. Catfish and fried chicken, Chinese and authentic Mexican screams at me. The struggling vegan pops up and shouts substitute. That is my present objective; substitutes and the changing of my mind, again.

“…..but Be transformed by the renewing of your mind….” Romans 12:2

This is the key to all lifestyle changes. It all begins with how you think. When you determine to make the change and settle it in your mind the rest is easy.

Use It All

Anyone that has purchased organic and non-GMO produce knows it is expensive by comparison to conventionally farmed produce. So why do I do it and how can I make it more economically beneficial? For me, I figured I could pay at the grocery store or I could pay at the doctor’s office. The toxins in the pesticides that are used in conventional farming build up in our systems and eventually affect our kidneys and liver, killing us slowly. So those vegetables you were eating to become healthier might possibly be the cause of your illness. Unfortunately you can’t wash away the pesticide that has been absorbed into the meat of the vegetables or the fruit.

So I had to get my money’s worth. I was lying in bed thinking about the root system in plants. (That’s another post). It occurred to me that the stems of greens that we throw away contain nutrients. Rather than throw them away I put them in a pot along with other almost expired veggies. Add to that some seasonings and you have the making of your own vegetable broth.

Then I thought what to do with veggies after the broth was strained. I poured the cooked veggies into the food processor and chopped them all together. It looked interesting.

I wondered if it would add creaminess to a homemade salad dressing blend. Or maybe, it could be used as flavor additive and binder to my veggie burger recipes. It remains to be seen, but the goal is to USE IT ALL.

Leave a comment if you have suggestions.

Disappointment? Protection!

I found an apartment complex that had all th amenities Carl and I needed and wanted. It had special rent consideration for senior citizens and to top it off it was 8 minutes from my daughter’s home. When we went to check out the Vizcaya apartments, we discovered our income exceeded the upper limit allowed to get the discount but not enough to afford to live there. Disappointed, we continued the search. With the assistance of our daughter’s real estate agent we found another one about 15 to 20 minutes from our daughter, The Marquis. This apartment is a little smaller but provides a comfortable living space including good neighbors. 

It is now several months later.  Hurricane Harvey just visited Houston and it’s suburbs. This was our first time actually living in hurricane force winds and rains. The windows shook, rain drops sounded like rocks thrown against the windows and tornado warnings were ongoing and we were on the mild side. With all that the water never rose more than ankle deep in the parking lot and drained fast. 

Harvey deposited so much water that Vizcaya flooded up to the 3rd floor. Had we gotten that apartment we would have lost everything. Do you think it was coincidental that we couldn’t get an apartment there? I think not. God saw our future and protected us. Just a reminder that what was viewed as a

disappointment was actually the hand of God protecting us.