Technique Mastered!

A few weeks ago I posted my desire to make a Chickpea Flour Omelette . The source of the recipe I used admitted that while the recipe is simple mastering the technique may not be. I burned the first attempt. The second was a mushy mess. Today I tried again. I achieved success. So what was the difference? The temperature or heat setting. However your stovetop determines a medium setting that is the one you want. I also used a tip from another source; cover the skillet for even cooking. My taste tester, my hubby, said it was good.

Now I can tailor the flavor profile to our taste. My first tip is to use leftover veggies already cooked. It saves time and avoids waste.

My Amazing Finds

Just because I couldn’t find soy tofu.

In one of the vegan food groups I belong to, it was mentioned that there was a scarcity of tofu. I had not experienced that then but a few days later it happened. I went to my local market where I could always find a variety of tofu. There were only two packages of firm tofu. I bought one and used it for breakfast, tofu scramble. A few days later I went to that same market and there was none. I went to another market and there was none. I really wanted to try that frittata recipe. I went online and made two amazing discoveries: chickpea flour tofu and a chickpea flour frittata recipe.

In order to make the frittata with this recipe, I needed another unfamiliar ingredient, black salt, also known as kala nanak. Black salt turns out to be a middle eastern salt that smells like egg yolks. It gives the mixture an eggy taste. Where do I find this? First I checked Whole Foods and then Trader Joe’s. Not there. Well to shorten this story, I found it in a local Indian market. This market had not only the black salt but a plethora of other spices and products usually used in vegan recipes. I want have to search for chickpea flour either. This market, another amazing find. It’s near my home. Yes!

Back to the frittata. I made it this morning and it was good. I had to cook it longer than stated but I guess it’s because of that Houston humidity.

Chickpea Frittata, Grapes and Bananas
This morning’s breakfast.


Black salt powder is pink like Himalayan sea salt. It is also called kala nanak.