Pertaining To Me

I love learning. My life activities and interests have required me to learn a a variety of things. I am the executive director of a nonprofit; a Bible teacher and speaker; a food  and nutrition research chemist; a lover of my culture and rich history; an advocate for mental wellness among my people and our children. With all that learning, my head was about to explode. I had to share more of it. That’s where the blog idea hit me. But what kind? I didn’t want to limit myself to one topic.

I didn’t know what I was doing so I began on Blogger because it was available and convenient on my Google account. I had random subjects, random thoughts so how was I to combine them and make sense? I settled on the title Pat’s Thoughts Out Loud. I thought that should cover whatever thoughts I might have about anything. After a few months, I tried to add some features to my blog that were either not available or difficult to do. That’s how I ended up on WordPress.  I had to change the title but I wanted a similar theme. Back to the randomness. Pat’s Random Thoughts was born.

My posts will be random covering topics that include but not limited to organic non-GMO foods, gluten, dairy and soy-free cooking, mental wellness, black History, nonprofit management and the Bible. My random thoughts might seem scary (like what is going on in that woman’s head?) You can never tell what might come to the forefront of my brain. I have had people tell me that I think about things most people don’t and some times I ask questions about things that most “normal” people don’t but join me anyway. It might be fun. Who knows, I might ask a question you wanted to ask but had too much sense to do it.

Please share your thoughts, questions, recipes or experience. I like learning and I know you have a lot you can teach me.

Did I forget to tell you? I am a speaker and teacher. I enjoy provoking others to think , empowering them to make informed, wise decisions for themselves and then motivating them to do so. I am a storyteller but I love to teach interactively. I guess the storytelling appeals to the hidden actress in me. Here is a little of me.


13 thoughts on “Pertaining To Me

  1. Thank you for the comment. Are you referring to the background regarding the color red? I’m not sure I understand what you mean about “not defining random well enough”. Are you suggesting that I actually define the word random or I explain not limiting myself to one topic? I checked the sound on the video on my laptop and phone and I had sound. Please let me know if there is something else I should check.


  2. The sound on your video seems just fine to me. Also, color blindness is not restricted to the color red.
    I love your about page and the diversity of your thoughts. I wasn’t able to watch your entire video because my internet is working a bit slow at the moment. I was able to see enough to understand your comment on you being an actress. It works for you! Stay beautiful!


      1. Hello again, I just finished watching your video and I am a little confused. When you start talking about “your husband” making friends with the King, are literally talking about your husband, or are you speaking as though you are someone from history? If so, could you tell me who? I was really enthralled by this story, but then got a bit lost at that point. Tried watching it again, but still didn’t get it. Thank you.


      2. I was portraying a woman of the Bible named Jael. I was one of three portraying women of the Bible that are rarely mentioned if at all. She aided in Israel’s victory against its enemy. The point we were making was God doesn’t always choose kings and warriors or men only. He chooses women, even homemakers to accomplish things. The main point was God values all of us regardless of our perceived or man-made positions in our culture. I think I mention her name at the end. My audience had the benefit of context. Her story can be read beginning in the Book of Judges chapter 4 verse 17. If you have any questions after reading it, ask. I will be happy to answer if I can.

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      1. I also followed you back here from a Google+ post to and it showed up as not found. The rest of you was here, though. I haven’t been back in awhile and thought I’d do about of catch up.


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