The Medicine Matrix

If our western diet is so healthy why are we so sick? Diabetes is rising, Obesity is epidemic, heart disease is #1 and we are a developed nation. In the last year I have become more aware of how our medical system works. We treat symptoms not illnesses. Think about it. You have a pain. You are given a pill to get rid of the pain. But what about, what caused the pain in the first place? I have some personal experiences that speak to this.

A few years ago, I went in for a physical. The doctor said I had high blood pressure. I didn’t agree but I took the medication anyway. Big mistake. I took a couple of doses. I felt worst after taking them than I did before. They dropped my blood pressure so low I could not function. I stopped taking them but continued to take the diuretic. I later discovered that the diuretic lowered blood pressure also. I stopped taking them. I increased my vegetable intake and reduced the sodas and fried foods. Every check up for a year showed I did not have high blood pressure. The symptom- high blood pressure, the cause- bad eating habits. Recently, I went through the same thing with a different doctor. I said no pills. I started eating fast food again. Not all the time but just enough to have an affect. I stopped. Pressure decreased. Had I not taken charge and convinced them to try regulating my pressure with a change in my eating habits, I would be stuck taking pills that are hard to get off of. Their pills would not have fixed the problem.

I had another doctor tell me recently that she was delighted that I didn’t want pills. She said it was rare to find patients who didn’t want pills but wanted to find the problem and solve it. Most people wanted what they thought was a quick fix. the pill. It is just a band-aide.

Don’t get me wrong, doctors have their place and so do pills. But a healthy body is not provided by pills. Getting to the source of the dis-ease and treating it does. Most of our dis-ease is caused by eating this western diet that is meat, fast food convenient, low vegetable and low fruit, high sugar based.

I am also convinced had we continued more diligently to eat a high plant, low meat diet my husband would not have had this last heart attack.  We have not been eating as well as before but we are returning to our whole vegetable and fruit juices, no soda and minimal fast food. I am continuing my laboratory (kitchen) visits. Real minimal. I can’t say none because sometimes life will get in the way of good plans.

I am returning to Hippocrates’ declaration.

Let medicine be your food and food your medicine.

This is my focus and intent. Modern medicine is the emergency plan.

Breaking out of the Food and Medicine Matrix as much as possible. My education continues.

The Food Matrix

Where is our Food Morpheus? Where is Food Neo? The Local, State, and Federal system has “matrixized” us.

Food industrialization has caused us to ignore the food system that was very healthy for us: the family garden and the local vegetable market. When I was a child, eating out meant having dinner at a friend’s or relative’s home. Fast food meant heating up leftovers or making a sandwich. I didn’t know or understand just how good I had it. Other than childhood diseases I got the flu or had a cold only when the seasons changed. The rest of the year I was free of disease. Most remedies for the flu or a cold was natural. They were plant or herb based. Oh yeah, there was cod liver oil or castor oil. That cured or killed everything. Pills in the medicine cabinet were few. Those were my good old days.

I was taught in grade school the basic food groups and how much I should eat. I tried to change my home habits but thankfully my grandmother ignored me. We ate red meat and chicken but we ate more vegetables from the family gardens. By the way it was non-GMO and organic. Food was back then. There were some things that infiltrated our home, like white bread, white flour and white rice. I guess that was our beginning of “matrixation.”

The things we were taught:

  1. You MUST eat meat to get enough protein.
  2. You Must have milk and milk products to get enough calcium and more protein.
  3. Vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds don’t provide enough of either for healthy bodies.

We bought it because we trusted the FDA and other agencies that influenced our food supply. Those 3 axioms really only provided convenience for us and profit for the dairy and meat industry. Tell me, if dairy was so great, why wasn’t it fed to cows after they were weaned. They were fed grass and grain. The very things that weren’t enough for us.

Recently, our food pyramid changed to a food plate with the vegetable division the largest delineation. That’s good but now we have to deal with genetically modified organisms introduced into the plant crops. That’s another post, but suffice it to say, our non- organic vegetables, fruit and non-organic fed animals may be more harmful than we realize.

This matrix that we live in is suppose to maximize our health but we are sicker now than we were back in the day. There are more pills prescribed than every before. Our pills require pills to deal with their side effects. If the pills don’t work, there is always surgery.

So how is this meat-ladened lifestyle working for us?



Not Teaching, Teaches.

When you teach nothing you have taught!

Patrica B. Wiggins 2016

How do our children learn what is important? How do they learn the value of human life? How do they learn values? How do they learn who they are? How do they learn to learn?

If the parent does not teach them in the first three years of their lives, they will learn from whatever social stimuli they experience. They will except it as truth because the parent didn’t teach them anything else. So when we teach nothing, we basically tell them everything else is okay. Their values are not yours. Human life is reduced to less than a pet’s. How do they know what is important and how do they learn boundaries? When you teach nothing you teach they have not value. Their lives are not important.

Who am I? If you don’t teach me, I won’t learn about my family. I won’t learn my ancestral heritage. What is my anchor? “They say”, the neighbors, the street say who my family is. Most times they dwell on the negative and that’ s all I know. If you don’t teach me, I will be who “they say” and let them imprison me with negativism and lies.

It is reported that by age 3 the child’s brain is developed and character is formed. He/she is who they are going to be. Waiting until they are preschool age to begin teaching academic and social foundation is about 4 years wasted. The foundations should begin being laid at conception. Babies can hear as their auditory system begins to develop so read to them, talk to them, explain things to them, play a variety of music. That is true head start. Now that the process has begun, an alert little person will join us. This is not the time to stop communicating.Speak to the child the way you want him/her to speak? Expose them to books, and musical instruments. Endure the bang.

Teach me, who I am. Teach me my family values. Teach me my history. Teach me to value myself and others. Teach me that I am capable of learning and being creative. Teach me to read by reading to me. Teach me how to learn. Ask me things that cause me to think and ask Why? It’s not only the teacher’s job. It is first yours and then theirs. If you teach me they will do a better job.

Teach me, please.

Don’t let me learn the wrong things because you didn’t teach me.

My Heart Hurts

My heart hurts. I went to bed last night hurt and angry about the continued killings of black men. I watched the videos to make my own assessment and I found no justification for shooting Alton Sterling multiple times in the chest. He was already subdued. Philando Castile did not appear to pose a threat, yet he was shot with his child in the back seat. I felt like I was back in the Jim Crow south where lynchings could happen just because …. Then there was the white kid lying on the ground and then was shot. Why?

I awaken this morning to the information that a peaceful protest turned violent because someone decided to take their anger out by shooting several policemen. There was no reason for that anymore than there was for shooting those men.

America what are we becoming? We might as well be in Afghanistan or Syria. We worry about ISIS but it is us who are destroying this country. We are terrorizing ourselves. If they just wait a little while we will self destruct and they won’t have to do anything. We cannot continue like this.

Ignorance opens the door for Fear. Fear makes it easy to Hate. Hatred breeds Hatred.

Let’s try reasoning with each other.

Let’s try understanding each other.

Let’s try not repeating the negative past.

Let’s try living out what we say we believe as a nation.

Let’s admit we have a systemic problem. The rest of the world already knows it.

Let’s try loving each other even when we disagree.

Let’s stop killing each other.

My heart hurts for us.


You Found Me!

I threw myself away

But you Found me.

I did not see the God created value in me

You pushed through the garbage

Because you Saw Me.

I am so very blessed that 39 years ago

You Found ME!

As I looked at my husband sleeping this  morning, I was overwhelmed by the love and joy he has given me for 39 eventful years.



Voiceless, Powerless

Why is there such a strong effort to bar people from the vote? Why is there such a determined attitude to keep certain people from the table? Why are lies spread that discourage people from trying? Because if I can keep you unheard, I will render you powerless.

This is the strategy of those who want to retain the power for themselves. We have seen the shift in our society because certain groups lost their voice.

During the severest time of the economic crisis, the 90%-ers spoke up and they were silenced. The method: make them appear crazy. There are always those who jump on the bandwagon with little understanding of the purpose or they just want to cause trouble. Were they infiltrated?

Black Lives Matter spoke up and suddenly there was an attempt to silence the sound of their voice.Speak up Black folks at the polls, in the arts, in the classroom. When we as an organized group did before, the nation and the world listened.

Y’shua or Jesus followers where are your voices? The world hears the voices of the religious Christians but not His followers. Is there a difference? Yes. Much like the Pharisees during Jesus’ time, the religious Christians adhere to the letter of the Word and selectively at that. Religious Christians check off the doctrinal boxes and are quite judgmental. They judge everyone but themselves. Y’shua followers, don’t have to agree with what you are doing but have the compassion to help you, listen to you, respect you while explaining why they believe you are wrong. That’s what He did. There is no condemnation.He only condemned the self righteous.

It seems those bent on destruction have no problem raising their voices of hate. Where are the voices of sanity, righteousness, hope, love, compassion, wisdom, construction?  Take back your power. Be heard.

As Michael Jackson so eloquently put it, Take a look at yourself and make a change.

Get educated about the candidates for Congress. We need to elect people who represent us. These last eight years this Congress, both Democrats and Republicans have represented a select few. Some have been there longer than many of us have been alive. It is time for a change. Select people who care about the welfare of the country. Let’s stop this political game of Dems vs Repubs.  We have abdicated power to them. Let’s take it back.

This should not stop with Congress. The candidates that affect you immediately are local. Check out any judges, assembly men and women, mayors, council people that are up for election.

We, the people, should be heard!

Take back your power!

Raise Your Voice!

Since October

Many of you followed my postings last year regarding our journey through my husband’s life scare. I don’t know if I thanked you, so Thank you for your support. I have learned that 2015 was a horrific year for a great many people. I pray that it was a time of spiritual growth for you as it was for us.

To recap

  1. Massive heart attack on March 27, 2015
  2. Stopped breathing and needed electrical shock 3 times before conversion
  3. Months of hospitalization and rehabilitation care centers followed.

During those rehabilitation stays he struggled to regain the use of his legs. So what has happened since the first rehab stay.

  1. He was taken off Mexilitine.He was given that drug to counteract the worst, Amiodarone. Amiodarone was not his friend. It caused severe blood pressure drops and may have been the cause of some of the tachycardia events, however, I can’t prove it. It took awhile but it was finally replaced with a less toxic drug o September 28.  I had to fight but was successful.
  2. We changed cardiologist and that was a great blessing.
  3. He decided to stop taking Atorvastatin and the Qvar. He decided to control his cholesterol with his diet and he said he could breath fine without that inhaler.
  4. Oh, he lost almost 100 lbs over the 10 month period.

Since October

  1. After his last Ventricular tachycardia episode on September 27, a pacemaker/defibrillator was implanted on October 1.
  2. He came home on October 6th using a wheelchair. He had a few attempts with a walker. He has gone from wheelchair to walker to cane. He still needs the walker for long distances but for someone who was not believed to live and then not ever to walk this is awesome.
  3. His memory is improving but his meds are creating some interference. He is overcoming.
  4. We have learned so much about our power and authority when dealing with the medical community. We are empowered and plan to share that knowledge.
  5. We have learned how to eat even better with targeted focus for health reasons, heart and brain.

God planned and provided the best foods for our health,

the slave master changed our diet to the worst because it wasn’t what we ate n Africa,

and now we choose to continue to eat what sickens and is designed to kill us.

Please let’s help each other leave the plantation.

We can make soul food healthy.

Thank you for praying for us and supporting us. We thank you for your continued prayers and support.

In His Love


We Bought the Big Lie

(Note: I wrote this last year before the establishment of the Black Lives Matter Movement. My questions still remain.)

Because it is Black History Month, there are more posts on Facebook sharing our history. We were involved with the advancement of many different industries. We were involved with many different activist’s agendas. But of them all, education was the primary focus. Our people realized education was our key to real freedom.

The first thing taken was education about ourselves. It was unsafe to talk about our African family roots. Many of our ancestors wanted to disassociate themselves from Africa. The focus was getting educated in this new system, new world. Survival was most important. At some point we were made to believe education of any kind was not cool. More black kids dropped out. How did this happen? First the school system doesn’t fulfill the learning style needs of the majority of blacks,  men especially. We, they are not stupid nor do they have learning challenges. it has been shown that they are usually tactile, visual or kinesthetic learners. Our public school system does not cater to those styles. When they did there were fewer drop outs. Suddenly, music and art were removed. Out of the box science experiments were not encouraged. Students of color (euphemism for black) were told to follow a menial career path. You’d make a good janitor some were told. Don’t aspire to be an inventor or something that requires brain power. Somewhere along the way we believed the lie. We once again were only good enough for the most subservient jobs. We allowed ourselves in our anger to miss needed education or skill development to do what we really wanted. We bought the lie. Now we as a people are discouraged, defeated and slave material, again. (Now, it’s called prison)

We bought another lie. Some of us believe because we are educated and have good careers, live in nice neighborhoods and seemed to be accepted, we have different rules than those other blacks. News flash. You are black. The bottom line that is all some people see.You have a greater responsibility than you realize. You have the means and ability to help solve some of these problems. But you think the problems don’t affect you until you realize that store personnel that seem to be so attentive are following you just like they would those other blacks. The cops will stop you in your fancy car. Clearly you stole it. You are black. You bought the lie.

How do we change this? How do we change our thinking and our kids thinking? How do we destroy the prison pipeline en masse? There are groups working hard to do it but we need a national campaign. Something to reach across the nation like Ferguson. Any ideas?