Amazon Prime of Not

Why do they make it so complicated? I have spent the last hour trying to decide if leaving Frontier Communications for Amazon Prime is a good idea. I read Prime’s description but it doesn’t really make it clear. Now here is what I need or want to know simply stated.

I want to watch current TV shows.  What is included and what do I need to subscribe to? Do I need Amazon Fire or is there some duplication in the services.

Amazon Prime Cost+Whatever else is needed to get the TV shows+Other hidden cost = Total cost of the service

Now before you send me to a bunch of sites, I have read most of them but it is not clear or simply listed on what you need to replace Frontier TV programming.

If you have Prime and can help, please comment.


Who Would Have Thought

Who would have thought designing a website for yourself would be more difficult than doing it for someone else. This is not the first webpage presence that I have created. This is even more basic than the others. Am I really a difficult client? The concept was easy. The domain name was relatively easy, even though I had to modify it. The original choice was not available. I can’t even find a happy face. I am laughing.

Choosing a layout is proving a to be a challenge. I might fire myself. Just kidding. I have decided to walk completely through the WordPress process. When I am done I might be a WordPress expert because I am sure I have or will have discovered a substantial amount of “what NOT to do’s.” This new blog that I am creating will ultimately become MY website. Maybe that is why I am being such a difficult client. Big smiles and laughs. I am going to find those emoticons.

Laughing at myself. I needed that.

I Finally Decided

I finally made the decision to establish my own webpage. Thanks to my artistic and business minded son and daughter. Their question and suggestions have helped me focus. What I hope to present are cohesive posts in multiple categories.
I may be missing while I pull the pieces together for the launch. I am sure there may be some randomness while the site is being developed. Pray for my success. ;)♥

Matthew 4 – Basics

Sometimes when you think you know a narrative you tend to over look some interesting and enlightening facts. I am trying to look at this text with fresh eyes to see what I am really being told.

Matthew 4:1-11 The Temptation

I never noticed or realized the first two temptations were accusations against the man Y’shua. “If you” was the accusation. The response was thrown back to the authority of God’s word.  The final temptation went straight to the original intent. Satan (Adverary) vs. God. Who will you worship? Y’shua dropped the mic. He said get out of my face It is written you only worship God and Him only shall you serve. Why would the Word of God bow down to God’s Adversary? Please!!

Matthew 4:14 Galilee of the Gentiles

Where is this? I always thought Galilee where the tribes of Jacob settled. We usually forget there were non-Jews there before they came and others moved in later. Looking at Strong’s it says it is a circle of Gentiles or circle of nations, non-Jews. He went to them and declared the authority of God is here. This was the light brought to them. This was the gospel He brought to them.

I also noticed

23 And Jesus went about all Galilee,

and preaching the gospel of the kingdom,teaching in their synagogues,

(the good news of the reign of God Matt 4:23 Youngs’ Literal Translation)

and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people.

24 And his fame went throughout all Syria:

and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments,

and those which were possessed with devils,      (possessed or controlled by evil spirits, spiritually ill)

and those which were lunatick,                                  ( mentally ill)

and those that had the palsy;                                      (paralytic, physically ill)

and he healed them.

The text goes on to say that large multitudes followed Him from Galilee, Decapolis (ten-city region in Syria), Jerusalem, Judea and beyond Jordan. This is widespread awareness of Him. All of this seems to be in the first year of His ministry.

How did I miss so much?