Raw Bread

One of the things I am always in the search for since changing our dietary lifestyle is a good bread for sandwiches. I found one made of nuts. It was good but I thought could there be one without nuts. So to the internet I went. I found one that uses cauliflower and zucchini as its base.

This particular recipe gave the mouth feel of soft fresh baked bread but the taste left a lot to be desired. For one thing it was too salty. I am not printing the recipe because I don’t want to give another raw foodie a negative comment. Some people liked it. I will continue my search and experimentation. Hemp and sunflower seedseds as the base is next. In the mean time I have my bread made with nuts.

Disturbing My Peace

In that early morning quiet there is an indescribable peace. Birds are not even singing yet. It is a calming, stressless atmosphere. There is no desire to think about reality. Just dream and meditate. A time to hear and feel the Presence of God.

What was that? Noise!

A car just drove by, its music blaring. Someone dropped what sounded like wood slats. Man!They woke the birds. With each added sound, the reality of responsibility crept in to disturb my peace. Now it’s time to work. All I have left is the memory of early morning peace and calm. And I’m not even a morning person. πŸ˜€

Excalibur HELP!

I have been wanting to return to more of a raw eating lifestyle but a lot of things I wanted to prepare could not be done on my dehydrater. I wasn’t sure we would continue this lifestyle so I bought a cheapy. I decided to use some of that stimulus money to stimulate myself. I bought an Excalibur. I bought a refurbished 5 tray. The size is enough for my husband and I and the price was great. My first goal was to dry onions, veggie burgers and to SAVE the mushrooms. I am tired of mushrooms going bad before I get to use them. Dried veggies are going to stock my pantry.

Today (Tuesday) I made 2 trays of crackers and 3 bread loaves. Tomorrow I plan to make croquettes. Yum,yum.

We have been vegan but the cold weather encouraged cooking. The Impossible Whopper and Beyond Meat Burger made it convenient so I got lazy. Now I am back and ready. We want be 100% raw because my husband wants some cooked meals but most will be. I can already feel the difference.

I have more planned, especially my weakness, baked goods.

Technique Mastered!

A few weeks ago I posted my desire to make a Chickpea Flour Omelette . The source of the recipe I used admitted that while the recipe is simple mastering the technique may not be. I burned the first attempt. The second was a mushy mess. Today I tried again. I achieved success. So what was the difference? The temperature or heat setting. However your stovetop determines a medium setting that is the one you want. I also used a tip from another source; cover the skillet for even cooking. My taste tester, my hubby, said it was good.

Now I can tailor the flavor profile to our taste. My first tip is to use leftover veggies already cooked. It saves time and avoids waste.

Salt Power!

Have you heard the phrase, “He’s worth his salt?” We learned that it meant he was valuable. But why? I knew it was important to commerce during Ancient Roman times but I didn’t know the power of salt spread farther than the Middle East and Orient.

I learned tonight watching Robert Irvine’s Kitchen Expedition that the Ancient Mayan kingdom was so rich and powerful because it controlled the salt. Then Mr. Irvine went to Senegal which is part of the Ancient Ghanaian Kingdom. Here he learned that an ounce of salt was equal to an ounce of gold. How did this happen? The kingdoms to the south of Ghana wanted salt. Those north of Ghana had the salt. The trade route went through the Ghanaian kingdom. Salt was so important that it was valued at an ounce of gold. The King charged a tax on these transactions. Additionally, an ounce of salt cost an ounce of gold. Salt was a very valuable commodity.

That takes me to Jesus saying those who follow his teachings,which are founded in the Law and the Prophets, are the salt of the earth.Β  Salt is a preservative, purifier, seasoning and a prosperity agent. Based on His declaration, I should be all those things. Not only for myself but for others as well. I will then be worth my weight in gold.


Humiliating Worship

This morning I woke up with King Solomon’s Temple dedication on my mind. It is clear from God’s response that the celebration was acceptable but what made it so?

Solomon made sure the Temple was built according to the specifications given to David. All the previous materials and workmanship were the best of the best. The priest consecrated themselves in preparation to go into that holy place. The priest, the people, and the King made sacrifices, too many to count. There was music and singing and praising the LORD. The LORD was the guest of honor and they made sure He knew that He was welcome.

Solomon stood on a scaffold to address the people. He could have said, “Look at what I’ve built. Look how grand I’ve made it. Instead he recounted the promises made to David by the LORD. He said the LORD had built the Temple and kept His word by making it His home. He viewed himself as an unworthy servant. Then he turned toward the Presence and laid prostrate. The people bowed low with their faces on the pavement. To an outsider this could appear very bazaar and humiliating. Seeing the mighty Solomon in such a public display. The priests should surely do this but the King? Solomon cared more about loving his God and being an example to his people than appearances. Can you imagine that day? All that singing and celebrating with a whole nation lying down before their God. Their God was worthy of all that and more. Oh that we would worship with such abandonment. That we would come before our God with one consecrated voice and lay ourselves low before Him. As a result God’s Presence overwhelmingly filled the Temple. Just thinking about experiencing that takes my breath. I have felt His Presence before which was overwhelming to me but nothing like that. I’ve wanted it and now I see I am the cause of not having it. I have work to do on my Temple and my worship. One of my spiritual sisters, Sharon, said to me today that we have strayed from graciousness to self-entitlement.

We say we know we don’t deserve His Presence, His blessings, His grace yet that is exactly how we behave. Yes we are The King’s children but we are priest(esses), servants as well. Servants bow down in complete abandonment. Let’s worship like Solomon did.

God’s Response To King Solomon’s Prayer

2 Chronicles 7:12 (NKJV)
12 Β Then the LORD appeared to Solomon by night, and said to him: “I have heard your prayer, and have chosen this place for Myself as a house of sacrifice.

After all the people had gone home, Jehovah appeared to Solomon in the night to speak to him one on one. The very first thing Jehovah said to Solomon was I have heard your prayer and have chosen this place. Basically, He said, Son you have done well and everything including your worship I have found pleasing. If that wasn’t enough he was about to find out what Jehovah’s decision was for each request.

Just as Solomon presented his request with “if-then” clauses, Jehovah responded. However, when I checked the Hebrew for “if” I discovered the word could also be translated “when.” Some Bible translations have that. This made an impact on me because in my world, “if” is a maybe and “when” is a certainty. For all of you who have been taught that Jehovah does not cause bad things to happen, read this section of scripture. This will clear up any confusion you might have.

2 Chronicles 7:13 (NKJV)
13  When I shut up heaven and there is no rain, or command the locusts to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people,

Notice Jehovah is saying when these things happen, He causes or commands it. He continues the statement with the scripture of my focus

2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV)
14  if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

I will try to quickly go through the chosen key words to explain why I think there is so much more than I usually think about. The study aids I used were Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, The Complete Word Study Old Testament-Zodhiates, and New Wilson’s Old Testament Word Studies

Called – to be called by the name of a person denotes the standing in a peculiar relation to him or being his property, his people, city etc.

Name- 1. The name is supposed to correspond to the nature of a person or thing; or express some qualities or circumstances relating to them 2. to act in a person’s name is to act by his commission or authority; 3. to call by name is to single our and appoint a person for any work, is eminently qualified for it, or as the object of special favor.

Humble – to bend the knee; hence to humiliate oneself

Seek – to search out that which is uncertain and doubtful, with the desire of obtaining, and with care and attention

Face – the part that turns; a face or surface. This Hebrew word is also translated Presence, or Present

I substituted these definitions and the scripture reads

If My people, who cry out and express my nature, qualities and authority in their behavior would bow down to humiliate themselves before me, to search out the uncertain with a careful attentive desire to obtain my Presence, and pray, turn away from their evil ways, then from heaven I will hear them, I will forgive them and heal their land.

So the questions I had to answer for myself were

1. Do I reflect His nature, qualities, and authority in my behavior? I call myself by His Name.

2. Do I bow down truly with an attitude of humiliation or entitlement because I am His?

3. Do I truly search out His Presence, His Presence when I pray? Do I give that careful attention?

4. Have I turned from my evil ways or am I holding on to a few favorites just in case I need to handle someone?

He heard Solomon’s prayer because he did all these things. He then told him that if the people did this He would hear them. Can I then conclude that He will do the same for me?

Jehovah concludes His response with the statement that His eyes were open and ears attentive to the prayers made in that place. I know He was referring to the Temple but the principle and promises do not change. I believe just as He wrote the law on our hearts(minds), I believe the Temple refers to us in that the Holy Spirit resides in those who are called by His Name.

Chickpea Flour Tofu

The other day, I made chickpea flour tofu. The person’s whose instructions I used said, the recipe was simple but you had to master the process or technique. She wasn’t kidding. The first batch, I let get too firm. The second was just smooth enough to give me a firm, sliceable tofu.

I cubed a portion of the firm to bake and added it to some vegetable Lo Mein. The too, too firm I crumbled and added to a vegan pot pie filling to replace chicken. Normally, it would be vegetables only in the filling. Both meals were delicious. My husband said they were a repeat. It might be a while before I buy soy based tofu again. This was cheaper and convenient.

They say necessity requires you to get inventive. I doubt if I would have tried this if I had been able to find regular tofu in this grocery store wasteland.