Serious Choices – Heroine

I was standing at a life-changing crossroad.

Should I live in the cold north or

The familiar south or

The place of my dreams, the west?

Should I make this decision based on a man that I love

Who I am not sure really loves me?

I made the decision to move

Thanks to my heroine.

She sat me down and made me look objectively at all my choices.

I had spent four years in the cold, cold snow.

Done with that.

I wanted to experience a different environment so the south was out.

My dreams lay in the sun reflecting off the Pacific.

But what about him?

She said

“If he loves you, he will come and get you.

Do you really want to plan your life on His doubt?”

I moved to the west

Thanks to my heroine.

I moved west with no regrets

Thanks to my heroine.

My heroine was my other


At least on that day.


The Cat

Pat the Cat

That’s what they called me.

I never understood why.

Did I walk stealthily across campus?

I don’t think so.

Was I mysterious in my quietness?

Didn’t try to be.

What cat-like qualities did they see?

Did I move with powerful confidence like a Black Panther?

Doubt it.

I was a terrified freshman.

What did they see?

Even now I wish I new.

Lost and Found – elegy

So often loss is

 A sad thing.

 But how can this


 I feel so good,

 Losing you was a good thing.

Internally, you were tender while

on the outside your crisp.

Red Robin offered you bottomless

Unlike mine.

Your addicting grip on my salty taste buds has

 been loosed.

No more struggles to

Do what’s best.

 I can choose what’s good and

 forget the rest.

 My brain is excited to

 fire all synapses.

Knowing I’ll have minimal memory


A new guest has arrived and its

 place is set

So come on in.

Whole foods welcome

Welcome home.

Trust -Mis-Trust – Acrostic

Trusted you with my heart

Relaxed in your presumed integrity

Understand I am not your victim

Surviving your betrayal has made me wiser and stronger



Mistake – Big Mistake

I made it when I believed you

Sharing my dreams

Telling the sacred secrets

Revealing the depths of my thoughts

Useless are you to me

So I place you in my emotional closet

Terminating our “so-called: friendship.

Some Kind of Journey -limerick, alliteration

The Head Cold Trip

Snifflin’, sneezin’ away the day

Coughin’ and tearin’ that’s the way

My head cold is rulin’

Stop it.

Stop it I say.

You can’t ruin my night like you have ruined my day.


Here are other thoughts. Curious what you think it means.

The Journey, Maybe

Why do the pretty people in the park

Paint poison pictures reflecting my pain?

Do they know?

Speeding down the expressway of sorrow

Seeing sights of sparkling shadows

How fallacious is it all?