A Natural Sedative

“Food is thy medicine. medicine is thy food.” -Hippocrates

A few days ago I made a vegetable-juice smoothie for my lunch. I drank it while visiting my husband. I shared it with him. That was not a good idea. Yes, he needed the nutrients and it was healthy but there was a sedative in the drink.  I had no idea. My alert husband was suddenly a very sleepy man. I thought his medications were the culprits but alas, it was me and my juice. I don”t know why I didn’t get as sleepy. I looked back on my day and I did get pretty relaxed. I guess he was more vulnerable in his weaken state.

I discovered while researching something else that Walnuts contained an acid that is a powerful sedative. So if you can’t sleep eat a handful of walnuts and go to bed.  🙂 I am not guaranteeing deep sleep but you stand a good chance of relaxing.


9 thoughts on “A Natural Sedative

      1. If you brew rosemary, and passionflower together for about an hour and a half, it makes a sleep potion! It will get you to sleep in about 20-30 minutes.. These herbs are safe.. Valerian can cause liver toxicity if used for a prolonged period.. Two weeks tops, and then a break..

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      2. It depends.. I become insomniac at times, and rosemary alone does not always work.. So I found passionflower.. There is a West African herb, called Bitterleaf.. Its used by different tribes for different things.. Yoruba people use it for pain relief.. Igbos and Hausa people use it for a flavouring in soups like Bitterleaf soup,Egusi etc..

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  1. Hello! I wanted to let you know your blog is very inspiring. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogging Award and you can find details on my post of June 4, 2015. Congratulations!


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